Some Tips on Banks Approval Criteria

Many of us knew but not all the criteria of bank approval for mortgage loan. Video Linked below is a sharing session at MCT Land Sdn Bhd for their purchasers about loan application and approval criteria.

Some of the Highlights:

  1. What are the point to consider for property selection?
  2. What income could be considered?
  3. What are the effect of extra RM 300 income per month to the margin of finance?
  4. How do banks find out about our repayment habit?
  5. What is the challenge faced by a fresh graduates?
  6. How does 70% ruling affect our loan eligibility?

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If you are a property agency, developer, investment group, residence associations & etc, feel free to contact us for workshop/seminars/clinics for the following topics:

  1. How to know my Mortgage Loan Eligibility?
  2. How to Leverage Banks on Property purchasing/ investment?
  3. How to save interest on existing mortgage loan?
  4. How to choose a Mortgage Loan that suits me?
  5. What is Mortgage Loan Protection option? MRTA/MLTA?
  6. How can I plan for my wealth distribution?

Video :


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