What is Stopping Us from Achieving Our Goals?

Financial Management Attitude

If you are a follower of this blog or Facebook page, you might notice that I have recently changed our tagline. I am writing to record the reasons of this change.

This is a write up to share the change in my view about financial planning after more than 9 years in this industry. It has also been 3 years since I moved from Insurance Agency and Unit Trust Agency to join an Independent Financial Adviser Firm (Money Sense Advisory Sdn Bhd). With that I gained access to products from almost every Insurance Companies in Malaysia, I also gained access to almost all Unit Trust Funds available, even offshore investment vehicles and many other financial services/products.

I believed our strength is to be able to help our clients to make the smarter choice. If you need a Life Insurance Plan, we could source for the best coverage with lowest cost; If you need an education plan, we can offer not only education saving plan from insurers, we can also work out a long term investments plan with various unit trust funds, offshore investments and etc. Hence, I believed in our capability in assisting our clients to make a smarter choice ~ a well informed choice!

Helping You Make Smarter Choice !

However, as I meet more clients, I started to see that more clients come to us better informed. Comparison of products can be conducted easily without leaving their house. But how much does this contribute to better financial management among Malaysians? We can now get products information, financial planning guidelines, financial planning tips through online resources, training sessions, talks, seminars, friends and many more. Does this make Malaysians become better in managing our finances?

What would have happened if No Salary paid to us during MCO?

Perhaps everyone of us can ask ourselves – How well would we be if employers didn’t pay our salary during recent Movement Control Order during Coronavirus COVID 19 pandemic? Can we afford to survive another 2 months after MCO if the company we worked with could not survive this MCO? How many of us have the 3 to 6 months emergency fund ready? I believe if you land at this blog, you are among those who are able to handle this situation.

Next, with or without this COVID-19 situation, how sure are we that we are well prepared for our retirement? Our children education fund? Does this situation disrupt our plan?

Achieving Your Financial Goal Steadily and Surely !

I found that Achieving our Financial Goal is not about having more choices but MAKING more informed decisions. It is our action that decides our result. Just like our daily life, we know that we need to eat healthily, exercise regularly and sleep orderly to have a healthier body. We also know that smoking is not good for our health and we hardly find any benefit from smoking. But why we don’t do what we should be doing and we keep doing what we should not be doing?

Are we not well informed? Or are we just too comfortable with what we have been doing? Are we not ready to change our habit? Or we have not found the reason why we should change?

Healthy Lifestyle | #organic #wholefoods #nature #healthyfoo… | Flickr
Don’t we know about healthy lifestyles?

Therefore, I believe as we move forward, we should not only know “how” but it is also important to know “why”. If you know the purpose of getting something, you would carefully plan and execute your plan. STEADILY is the keyword for the new tagline. You can not achieve financial goal overnight or instantaneously, it is important for one to first identify his/her goal, lay out the plan, execute and monitor periodically. Our goal is to be with you to achieve your financial goal.

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