Same Incident, Different Decision… Different Ending.. (2 True Stories)

We often hear about how a different attitude towards a situation will cause a different decision and subsequently different ending. Today I received a call requesting for legal assistance.

From the discussion, I understand from this person that a property developer owed him a few hundred thousands. It was commission owed to him for sales. He told me a part of it was properly documented while balance was not properly documented. He had discussed with lawyer, but he could not afford to pay the fee involved and therefore he could not proceed. This happened few years ago and because of failure to recover this amount, he had been miserable for the past few years and now facing financial difficulties.

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After our conversation, I recalled another friend of mine who was also cheated and his partner took away a few hundred thousands. Besides losing the money, he inherited debts and losing all existing business agreement. He was also selling property on behalf of property developer. He was also as miserable as the first person as he had lost all his agreements with existing developer. Worst of all, he had commission due to his team members and he was denied entry to the office. This happened due to lack of proper documentation. But the highlight of this blog is what happened after the incident.

After a few days, he knew he could not change what had happened, he needed to face the consequences of his mistake. He called his team members and informed them the situation, asked for their support and promised to hold responsible for what had happened. The team members decided to back him up, he took some personal loans and convinced some investors who trusted him. Within months, he started a new office, renegotiated for new agreements with some of the developers and moved forward.

The time when I met him, it was about 1 year after the incident happened. He had been doing well by then, started to pay off some loan and business was growing well. He has not recovered the loss from his ex-partners, but he is pursuing through legal action. But most importantly, he survived and grows even stronger.

I learned a lot from this 2 different persons. Thing happened, how you choose to react will determine the ending. The second person accepted the mistake, admits his mistake, faces his mistake and take the best option to move forward. While the first person still miserable and blamed the developer for not paying him.

Both of them faced the similar incident, but one recovered after a year while the other was still miserable after 3-4 years and now facing financial difficulties.

If you were able to earn that much of money back then, why can’t you do it again now?

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