Raya and the Last Dragon ~ Kumandra is a Fantasy World?

Since weekend is coming, today I’m not going to write about Financial Planning. Just done watching Raya and the Last Dragon on Disney+ Hotstar..

Disney described this as an adventure of Raya and the Last Dragon to the Fantasy World of Kumandra. If you’d watched it, you would understand Kumandra. I’ve to admit that I enjoy Disney’s animation partly due to the message brought.

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How people start to lose trust against each other?

Right from start, the movie mentioned DRUUN was always there. Initially the world filled with dragons and all the people lived as one, united, trusted each other. However, as greed starts to take over one or two, people will start to doubt at each other ~ Druun is everywhere and spreading fast.

But, there will always be a few that would never give up trust on people even to the last breath. Raya’s father, Chief Benja was one of them. He kept trying even though it costed his life. Even til the last moment, he believed that he instilled the trust in his daughter through her up bringing and the example he showed her through his living.

People divide and group ourselves against each other.

When people lost trust against each other, we started to group ourselves according to certain criteria. Then, we fought against each other, we build up a wall between human.

We forgot that each of us has different strengths and weaknesses. We always believe that certain people are doing better because they have something we don’t have. We must fight to grab from them. We believed that when someone gains, someone must lose. Is it always a zero sum game? Wouldn’t it better if we work together? Everyone wins?

Raya’s strong belief and determination influenced others to join her.

After the death of her father, Raya grown strong and determine to bring her father back. Along the way, few was touched by her and joined her to fulfil the dream together.

Although Raya was the one who convinced them, but when Raya was lost when Narmaari repeatedly betrayed her trust and dragon was killed. She was filled with anger and nothing else. During this time, her teammates were those who kept fighting to help others and lead Raya back to the right path.

Forgive and reconcile

At the end of the movie, although Raya had been betrayed by Namaari so many times realised that she need to forgive and reconcile with Namaari to achieve the what she had been working for. Because of her, her teammates followed her to trust Narmaii and finally Narmaii also repented. I believe you can conclude from here.

Is Kumandra only in Fantasy?

Is Kumandra really only exists in Fantasy World? Do we still have trust among each others?

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