We provide advisory and assistance on the following areas:

  1. Charting your own Financial Blueprint (Master) (Click here to know more)
    • Net Worth, Cash Flow, Debt Management, Financial Ratio, Retirement, Children Education, Risk Management & etc. This shall serve as the blueprint to achieve our Financial Goal.
  2. Mortgage Advisory
    • Mortgage Loan Application, Mortgage Loan Review, Refinancing, Loan Protection and etc.
    • How can I complete my mortgage loan before my retirement?
  3. Insurance Planning
    • Personal Insurance Plan Review, Insurance Planning, New Insurance Application. (Health, Life, Critical Illnesses, Accident & etc)
    • General Insurance Coverage on Property/ Assets. (Fire, Motor, Marine & etc)
    • Employee benefits.
  4. Education / Retirement Planning
    • Setting Education/Retirement Goal, Plan Design, Periodic Review & etc.
    • Employee benefits for retaining the right person.
  5. Estate Planning
    • Will, Trust, Business Succession Planning & etc.

We also provide Training, Talks or Seminars upon request in all areas discussed above, we welcome any corporation, associations and groups to talk to us.

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Some of the topics covered:

  • Leverage on Mortgage Loan for Property Buyers.
  • Know your Customer – Easy Mortgage Assessment for Real Estate Agent.
  • Finance is Fun – Financial Awareness through Game.
  • My Money & Me – Financial Awareness Talk.
  • How do Loan Works? – Debt Management – Difference types of loan and their implications.
  • Many more….
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